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Backorder expired domain names

Back Order Domain Credits

To back order domain names you need to purchase sufficient credits, one credit per domain name. When you purchase a credit we monitor your domain name at a rate of 432,000 times per day divided by the current names actively being monitored, with preference given where the drop date is known. That is a rate of 200ms or 5 per second, typically a name would be registered within seconds. Your fee covers the registration of the domain name for a period of one year, the initial monitoring and free TAG change out or leave your domain with us to manage for you. Before purchasing credits please check the name(s) you are interested in are available for booking.

If the domain name you are monitoring is renewed or not successfully caught by us then you can move your credit to another name to monitor. A credit is only used when you catch a name. Credits have no expiry so you can continue to monitor a domain until you catch.

We only accept bookings for names that have been suspended. Details here. For bulk customers we can offer an invoicing plan

Package and Pricing Options

Name Details Price Check out
1 Credit A single credit to monitor one domain name£27.50 Buy now
5 Credits 5 credits £22.50 each Save £25.00£112.50 Buy now
10 Credits 10 credits £20.00 each Save £75.00£200.00 Buy now
20 Credits 20 credits £17.50 each Save £200.00£350.00 Buy now
30 Credits 30 credits £17.50 each Save £300.00£525.00 Buy now
50 Credits 50 credits £17.50 each Save £625.00£875.00 Buy now

Non prepay bulk customers only - Invoicing structure

If you would prefer to be invoiced for for your catches in batches rather then paying upfront for credits we can offer you an unlimited account. To upgrade your account to unlimited we require a deposit of £200.00 plus £10.00 for Paypal / setup fee. The deposit is refundable or would be used against your final invoice, however the deposit can not be refunded during the first 6 months. With this plan you will be charged at the rate £20.00 per name. If you already have credits then these will be deducted against your catches.

Name Super Domaineer Price Check out
Unlimited Bulk catching unlimited invoice planOffer Expired Offer Expired

Payments can be made securely through Paypal with no Paypal account required and funded by credit card. Alternatively we can accept bank transfer or cheque. Please contact us to raise an invoice. Click here.

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