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What is a suspended domain name

If a .UK domain name is not renewed it will go into a suspended status 30 days after the renewal date. Whilst suspended services associated with that domain name like website and email will no longer work. After 60 days of suspension if no renewal request is made it will then be released to the public.

We will only monitor a domain name if it has been suspended. This is because monitoring names that can not be released would be detrimental to the service. We are limited to the amount of checks we can make each day and allowing non suspended names to be monitored would result in many names like or to be added. Thus reducing chances of catching names that will be released.

You can check the status of any domain through the whois. So if you wanted to check the link would be

To check any other domain just append your name to the end of that link.

An example of a domain that is suspended, click to enlarge.

*There are occasions when a domain can be released without being suspended ie if surrendered but this is outside our scope.

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