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"Chris, your domain monitoring service is the best i've used. You're alway quick to reply to emails. Keep up the good work."
Suhail Shaukat, Lunarwebservices

"Superb service and great chap what more could you ask for. Highly recommended. A+ "
John Poller, Internet Name eXchange

"Superb feature rich systems backed up by superb personal customer service. I recommend your services to anyone who asks about drop catching services! "
Jon Cook, Caketins

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About Us

We are Nominet members and an accredited .UK domain name registrar primarily involved in the practice of domain name drop catching.
We have been involved in domain names going back to 2001 and since 2007 we have run a public facing drop catching service. Being domaineers ourselves are main emphasis is on bulk catching and if you only need one thats fine too.

For an example of some of the names we have caught please click here.

Drop Catching ?

.UK domain names are subject to renewal every two years to ensure that those that are no longer wanted are removed from the register database and become available for others to use.

We monitor a domain name and when its released back to the public we make an automated request to register that domain name on your behalf. We check the status of domains 432,000 times per day which is once every 200ms (5 per second) this figure is divided by the number of domains we are actively monitoring. Typically a domain would be re-registered in seconds.

We can not guarantee to successfully catch a name but we will do our best to. Remember you only pay if we are successful.

Our People

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